Local Launch Operator (LLO)

LLO is the entry level licence used by persons operating nominated vessels in sheltered waters. These vessels may be water taxis, charter fishing vessels or small passenger ferries. There are two study structure options. The traditional delivery option involves daily classroom attendance while the blended delivery option combinign distance and online learning to meet the course completion requirements.

Programme Details

Study Method Blended or Full Contact Course
Qualification Maritime New Zealand Licence
Duration 3 week block course (Monday - Friday)
Applications Open
Start Dates Quarterly

Offered by

New Zealand Maritime School

Entry Requirements

Applicants must meet the following entry requirements:

Maritime NZ requirements:

Please refer to the MNZ requirements in the following link

Seatime Requirements:

6 months, in past 10 years

Minimum Age:

18 years old.

Further Requirements:

Restricted Radio Licence (may be obtained during the LLO/ILM course)
First Aid Certificate

NOTE: You must apply for and receive a MARITIME NZ Examination Permit before you can take the final oral examination.
Note that the oral examination may not be taken until all courses and seatime has been completed.

Programme Summary

Blended Delivery Option
We are offering students the option of completing a preparatory distance learning programme using a mixture of print based and on line delivery material before attending a greatly shortened classroom and simulator based course to prepare for the examinations. The entire distance learning programme must be completed prior to beginning the attendance course. This option will not suit all students. You will need to have a reasonably good academic ability and access to the internet to get full value from this option. You will also require a high level of self discipline. Please contact us if you think this option may suit you.

Note: Students may elect to delay taking the examinations if they require more time for preparation.

Local Launch Operator
Blended Delivery Option

(Includes ILM Engineering, ILM Nautical and ILM Commercial)
Distance Learning Preparatory Course +

NZ Fee


Attendance Course Options
5 Days Either A

24/06/13 – 28/06/13

  Or B

30/09/13 – 04/10/13

Note: Students may elect to delay taking the examinations if they require more time for preparation.

  • includes examination fees

The programme includes the courses below.

Traditional Delivery
The programme includes the following courses:

Course duration Occurrence Dates NZ Fee Intnl Fee
Week 1 5 days A 25/02/13 - 01/03/13 $482 $885
Engineering *   B 05/08/13 – 09/08/13
  C 11/11/13 – 15/11/13
Engineering Exam Friday
Week 2 5 days A 04/03/13 – 08/03/13 $327 $735
Nautical   B 12/08/13 – 16/08/13
  C 18/11/13 – 22/08/13
Week 3 5 days A 11/03/13 – 15/03/13 $482 $885
Commercial *   B 19/08/13 – 23/08/13
  C 25/11/13 – 29/11/13

Combined Commercial & Nautical Exam
Friday of this week

Further Training or Study

From this licence you may progress to the Inshore Launchmaster or NZ Offshore Watchkeeper Licence

Career Opportunities

Charter Vessel Skipper
Water Taxi Skipper
Charter Fishing Skipper

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