Basic Fire Fighting

If you are seeking a career at sea as a navigation officer working on the bridge of ocean going vessels navigating the seas around the world, launch your training in the best facility NZ has to offer. Our first rate qualifications in nautical science or marine engineering and our worldwide reputation for producing high quality trained cadets and graduates will take you anywhere in the world.

Why Train with us?

Our navigation graduates attain sought after job placement and cadetships because our students are trained in extended full mission bridge simulator courses and graduate with hands on experience using real equipment. Your classroom window is the Ports of Auckland and when you graduate you will have been studying and working in and around the port, boarded several ships docked right outside your classroom window and worked with their crew and Captain, meeting several mentors in the industry and prospective employers.

Our Navigation Officer Cadet programmes are designed to prepare students to become navigation officers on foreign going ships, ferries and other seagoing vessels. The graduate of the Diploma in Nautical Science could be found on cruise or cargo ships and other specialised vessels such as tankers, chemical and gas carriers.

The New Zealand Maritime School is proud to be associated with the Institute of Maritime Education and Training Australasia (IMETA) in providing training for deck and engineering officers with programmes operating in United Arab Emirates, Thailand and India. Students undertake training in schools overseas and on board training vessels before completing their training with an intensive course at the New Zealand Maritime School in Auckland.

Programme Details

Topics include shipboard fire-fighting, fire hazards, search and rescue in enclosed and smoke-filled spaces, use of portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets, fire-fighting team procedures and practice, and emergency damage control procedures.

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