Executive leadership team

Gus Gilmore

Chief Executive

Email: gus.gilmore@manukau.ac.nz

EA: Antoinette Wood antoinette.wood@manukau.ac.nz

Phone: 09 968 7691


Dr Stuart Middleton

Specialist Advisor to CE | Acting Deputy Chief Executive Maori


EA: Priscilla Abraham priscilla.Abraham@manukau.ac.nz

Phone: 09 968 7692

Sam Lotu-Iiga 

Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga

Deputy Chief Executive Pasifika and Student Journey

Email: peseta.sam.lotu-iiga@manukau.ac.nz

EA: Sheila Ferneyhough sheila.ferneyhough@manukau.ac.nz

Phone: 09 976 0644


Michelle Teirney

Executive General Manager Strategy and Support Services

Email: michelle.teirney@manukau.ac.nz

EA: Marlene Krone marlene.krone@manukau.ac.nz

Phone: 09 968 7274


Jenna Woolley

Executive General Manager Technology

Email: jenna.woolley@manukau.ac.nz

Phone: 09 968 7609


Kirsten Sargent

Executive General Manager People and Culture

Email: kirsten.sargent@manukau.ac.nz

Phone: 09 976 0758


Professor Martin Carroll

Executive General Manager Academic and Provost

Email: martin.carroll@manukau.ac.nz

EA: Sonita Wapenaar sonita.wapenaar@manukau.ac.nz

Phone: 09 968 7682