Professor Martin Carroll

Martin Caroll

Professor Martin Carroll

Executive General Manager Academic and Provost

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EA: Sonita Wapenaar

Phone: 09 968 7682


Responsible for the development and implementation of the Academic Strategy for Manukau Institute of Technology.

Martin’s background includes a high degree of focus on Quality Assurance in tertiary education across a range of international tertiary institutes from Dubai to Darwin as well as in the private sector. Over the past 10 years his work has focussed on leveraging technology, through a systematic approach, to improve learner engagement and outcomes.

He co-founded with Blackboard the global forum on the ethical use of AI in Higher Education (#EthicalHEAI) with a particular role in establishing guidelines for the ethical application of AI in Tertiary Education.

Martin is passionate about the contextualisation of learning, cultural inclusiveness and how important environment is to foster effective learning; a sense of place can add incredible richness to how learning can take place.

“We have an opportunity to reshape the way we develop and deliver education and training to our local communities. Our level of care for our students and one of MIT’s greatest strengths, and this gives us a great foundation to build upon.”

Martin’s role is to lead the development of the academic strategy and a large part of this is around more comprehensively engaging with our learners. Shifting to a more comprehensive set of methods to reach more students, more of the time in a way that is more helpful to them; online, in work, leveraging technologies to improve access and networking, with increased flexibility to help our students learn better and develop a passion for and commitment to life-long learning.

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