Editorial Team

The editorial team of the New Zealand Journal of Applied Business Research (NZJABR) consists of an Editor, a team of Associate Editors and an Editorial Board:


Dr M Daud Ahmed - Manukau Institute of Technology

Associate Editors:

Dr Bodo Lang - University of Auckland

Dr Satya Gonuguntla- Manukau Institute of Technology

Dr Karin Olesen - Auckland University of Technology

Mr John Horsley - Manukau Institute of Technology

Editorial Board:

Dr Pim Borren - Waiariki Institute of Technology

Dr Bob Cavana - Victoria University of Wellington

Dr Garry Clayton - University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Prof. Bill Cotton - State University of New York

Prof. Ian Eddie - Southern Cross University

Prof. Gael McDonald - RMIT Vietnam

Prof. Victoria Wise - Deakin University, Australia

Editorial Team Profiles

Dr M Daud Ahmed

Dr M Daud Ahmed is the Research Leader of the Faculty of Business and Information Technology at Manukau Institute of Technology. Dr. Ahmed's primary research interests include sustainable business transformation through leveraging of management science concepts and information systems, ICT governance, sustainability reporting, sustainable supply chain and logistics management, business process management, enterprise systems, decision support systems, design and development of comprehensive platforms that allows the creation and integration of information, decision, process and knowledge models and systems, and project management. He has published in top-tiered journals and presented at top-ranked conferences.

Dr Bodo Lang

Dr Bodo Lang is a Senior Lecturer of Marketing at The University of Auckland Business School. Dr. Lang's research interest includes services marketing, marketing communications (advertising, etc.) consumer behaviour, and word of mouth marketing. His research has been published in top-ranked journals and conference proceedings.

Dr Karen Olesen

Dr Karin Olesen is a Senior Lecturer of Accounting Group at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT University). Dr Olesen's primary research fields are Accounting, Taxation, Accounting Information Systems and Qualitative Research. Her research interests include accounting information systems and taxation, investigation of the relationship between accounting profits and taxable business profits, and accounting standards.  She is a regular reviewer of various journals and conferences. She has published and presented in a journals and conferences.

John Horsley

John Horsley is a Principal Lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology at Manukau Institute of Technology. His research interests include Governance and Sustainability, Legal theory, public and private sector governance; business ethics; sustainability and CSR; risk management; management theory, Critique of orthodox theory and practice; and the development of workable models that add to organisational effectiveness and efficiency. He is a regular contributor to the NZ Lawyer and has published in a number of journals and presented at conferences. 

Dr Satya Gonuguntla

Dr Satya Gonuguntla is a Principal Lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology at Manukau Institute of Technology. Dr Gonuguntla's research interests include macro economics and international trade, especially evaluation of New Zealand's export performance regarding comparative and competitive advantage, and the impact of free trade agreements such as the closer economic relations agreement with Australia, the NZ-Singapore closer economic partnership, and benefits of FDI.