Examples of Learning Outcomes (Key Performance Indicators)

As part of the programme planning process the MIT team will work with the company to identify the Programme Goals they desire.

MIT will break these into the teaching content and identify how they will be measured.

The Key Performance Indicators How MIT and/or the Company are going to measure these?
  • Improved communication skills between team members and others
  • Pre and Post Self Evaluation
  • Same evaluation to go to direct line leaders (Pre and Post)
  • An increase in written skills to convey accurate information in ‘simple English’
  • Forms
  • Pre and Post identical written task i.e. short report or form
  • At commencement and end of the programme the company will randomly choose a collection of completed forms filled in by participants and record error rate.
  • Increased knowledge on LEAN (good manufacturing practises)
  • Complete a pre and post questionnaire/reflection of knowledge of LEAN (good manufacturing practises)

KPIs allow the benefits of the programme in the workplace to be measured.