What are the benefits?

  • Increasing workers skills, communication, teamwork, staff engagement and retention
  • Decreasing errors, wastage, absenteeism and workplace accidents
  • Developing a better understanding of processes, audit requirements and the need for change
  • Developing foundation skills to be ready for future workplace training opportunities
  • Developing team and leadership skills.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills are core skills that affect productivity and influence workers’ ability to understand their job role.

An workplace communication programme can improve efficiency and productivity within your workplace

Workers' low standard of education dampens economy

Learning to read the signs
How Literacy, numeracy and communications challenges could be costing your business thousands.

Do your employees have communication needs?
Unsure if your employees have skill gaps? Complete this questionnaire to identify where you may have literacy needs in your business and the impact it may be having in your company: