Become a British Council Partner

Become a British Council IELTS Agent

Recently the British Council rolled out the ORS2 online registration system.  This brought in exciting opportunities where you can register as a partner (also called agent).

What is required?

  • You need to be a registered business or an education provider
  • You need to have a passion to support IELTS test takers
  • You need to be proud of the British Council brand

What do you need to do?

Go to British Council Agent Portal and register for an agent account, choosing Manukau Institute of Technology as the organization you wish to be an agent for.  We will need:

  • Copy of the Business/Organisation registration number
  • Copy of a bank statement

Please e-mail all the documents to, with British Council Partner Programme in the subject line.

What will happend next?

  • The IELTS test centre will review your application
  • You will be invited to an interview with the IELTS Administrator to discuss and sign the contract, discuss Terms and Conditions, and share information about the test dates at MIT locations
  • We will set-up your profile in ORS2
  • Your will receive a notification via e-mail to reset your password and can then proceed to book IELTS test taker.

Legal obligations

  • You will enter a legally binding document between British Council and the IELTS test centre at MIT.
  • Referrals of test takers will be remunerated on a commission basis at a rate of $10 per test taker for the first 25 test takers, and $15 per test taker for any additional test takers during a specific quarter.  This will be paid upon invoice being submitted to MIT.

Role of the partner

As a partner, you will be able to:

  • view test takers and create new test taker accounts
  • register both adult or minor test takers
  • view unpaid registrations and support test takers
  • edit address and contact details, and have visibility of the results

Role as the test centre

As a test centre, we will:

  • will carry out the ID document checks
  • confirm payment has been received and record details
  • check the registration and mark as checked
  • run a report to confirm which registrations were made by partners on behalf of test takers.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Suzanne Thom (IELTS Administrator) on 09 976 0799 or 027 705 31 26 or