Test Day Information

Test centres

IELTS Test Format

All candidates have to sit these tests:

Speaking (15 minutes)

You will be allocated a time between 9.00am – 12noon.*  You must report for registration 45 minutes before your speaking time.

Listening (40 minutes)

Please report for afternoon testing at 12.10pm.

Reading (1 hour)

Writing (1 hour)

Testing should be finalised by 4.30pm. Please note: there are no breaks between the Listening, Reading and Writing tests.

*You will be emailed a speaking test time by 5pm on the Thursday before your test. If you do not receive an email on Thursday, please call us on (09) 968 8617 or email us at ieltsnz029@manukau.ac.nz by 3.30pm on the Friday.

Test Day Registration

  • Registration takes place 45 minutes before your speaking test.
  • If you are late, you will NOT be able to do any sections of the test and you will not get any results.
  • During registration, your passport will be checked, and you will be finger-scanned and photographed.

What to bring

  • Your valid, original passport. No passport = No test.
    A certified copy of passport is not acceptable. No other form of identification can be accepted.
  • Your IELTS test confirmation letter. (You will receive this letter when you complete your booking).

Permitted in test room

  • Passport
  • Water in a transparent bottle
  • Pencils, erasers etc are provided by the test centre for you to use.

Not permitted in test room

  • Mobile phones
  • Personal stationery (pens and pencils)
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Bags
  • Watches

Do not bring expensive bags or other valuable items. All bags must be left in our locked bag room during the test, but we do not take responsibility for your possessions.