Test Fees



Test Fee




Cancellation or Postponement


Candidates may cancel or postpone their IELTS test by notifying the test centre more than five weeks before the selected test date. There is an administration fee for postponement or cancellation of NZ$75.00, deducted from the refund of the test fee.

Exceptional circumstances for postponement or cancellation may be considered by the IELTS Administration, on application.

Exceptional circumstances include:

  • Serious Illness - hospital admission or serious injury (does not include minor illness such as a mild cold)
  • Loss or Bereavement – death of a close family member
  • Hardship/Trauma – victim of a crime, victim of a traffic accident
  • Military Service.

Please contact the Administrator on +64 9 968 8617 or via email ieltsnz029@manukau.ac.nz for further advice.

Additional copies of test results

Free of charge, if requested within 6 weeks from the test date. Please complete the form, sign and email the form to ieltsnz029@manukau.ac.nz with a copy of your passport.