Your IELTS test results

Test Report Forms (TRFs) are usually issued 13 days after the test (second Friday after the test).

Test results may be collected on the second Friday after the test from MIT Otara IELTS Centre,  between 8:30am – 3pm.  

  • Please collect the results IN PERSON with your passport.
  • Results are NOT available for collection from the Commerce Street Test Centre.  
  • Uncollected results will be posted to the address on your application form at 3pm on that day, except if you have advised the office that you only wish to collect them.  
  • Please allow up to 5 working days for mail to reach you.
  • Please bring photo ID with you.

Another person can collect your results for you, but they must have an authorisation letter and bring their own photo ID.

Results sent by post

Uncollected results will be posted to you at the address on your application form, unless otherwise requested.  Please allow up to five working days for mail to reach you.

Check your results online

Candidates can preview their results online from about 1pm NZ time on the 13th day after their test.  To access your results online, you will need to enter:

  • the test date
  • your date of birth
  • identity document (passport) number and 
  • candidate ID number. 

Please retain your candidate ID number from the test day, so that you can preview results online – the office will not release candidate numbers again after the test date. 

Check your results online here.

Please note: online results are not considered official results.

Important information

Results cannot be given out via phone, email or fax.  This is an IELTS policy and NO exceptions will be made.  
You will receive only one copy of your results – if you lose it, you will not be issued another copy.

To request additional results, please complete an IELTS Application for the Issue of Additional Test Reports form.

Please note: extra results cannot be sent to migration or education agents.

IELTS results are valid for two years.

Requesting a re-mark of your results

If you are not satisfied with your test result, you can apply for your test to be re-marked within 6 weeks of your test date.  The re-mark of your work is carried out by the British Council in the UK.  

You must complete an IELTS Enquiry on Results form, pay $230 and hand your Test Report Form back to the Otara IELTS Centre.  You can choose to have one or more parts of your test re-marked.  The fee is the same regardless.

The remarking takes 6-8 weeks to complete.  During this time you cannot use your results.

You will be notified by email the outcome of your re-mark.

If there is an increase in your results, you will be issued a new Test Report Form and receive a full refund of your re-mark fee. If there is no change to your results, you will not receive a refund.

Note: IELTS Examiners and markers follow strict assessment guidelines and are regularly monitored. The IELTS testing process has the highest quality control procedures.