2021 graduation details

Completed your qualification? Ka pai.

Congratulations if you have completed your programme you're one step closer to graduation.
The next step will be to receive your grades and be eligible to graduate.

Save these dates

Exciting news, we have our graduation 2021 dates confirmed - view the dates PDF, 99.37 KB PDF, 99.37 KB.

Further communication with details on graduation will be sent to students in the new year.

In order for us to communicate to all students, please update your student portal with your most up-to-date contact details i.e. your email address, contact phone number and postal address.

Alternatively, please contact one of our Ask Me! agents by calling 0800 62 62 52 to update your contact details.

Key information for graduation

Here you will find key information about the graduation process at MIT including ways to obtain your certification, order a copy of your transcript, request ways to change your name, pay any debts, and more.

Graduation process

Graduation process

Outstanding debts

Please ensure you have paid any outstanding debts, fees or fines before graduation.  

If you're unsure, call 0800 62 62 52. Our Ask Me! team can check your account balance and advise payment options.  

If you have debts owing to MIT you can still participate in the graduation events, but your certificate may be withheld until the debt is cleared.

Graduation options

If you are eligible to graduate, you will receive an invitation to attend your ceremony approximately two months before. 

You can choose to graduate either: 

1. In-person (attending)

If you wish to attend your ceremony and have your award presented on stage, you must register online when invited.  There is no cost to graduate but you will need to hire a traditional academic dress to wear to the ceremony and order tickets for yourself and guests. Detailed information will be posted on the graduation events page one - two months prior.

3. In absentia (not attending)

If you are unable to attend or choose not to participate in the formal graduation ceremonies you will be listed in the official programme as 'in absentia'.  You will be able to collect your parchment later from Ask Me! student services centres or request postage (courier fees may apply).  Please allow four weeks processing time from the date of graduation for certificates. If you do not register to attend your graduation ceremony or request to defer, you will automatically graduate 'in absentia'.

3. Defer your graduation

If you can't make this year, but would like to attend a graduation ceremony, you can attend the next year. You must contact the academic registry before your graduation date and request to defer. Please note that if you defer your graduation you will not be able to receive your certificate prior. If you do not request to defer you will automatically graduate 'in absentia' and will not be able to attend any future events.

4. Early issue request

If you’re leaving New Zealand permanently and are not able to attend the graduation ceremony please apply for an early release of your parchment. Complete the form and bring a copy of your travel ticket or itinerary giving details of when you are leaving New Zealand. Please ensure you give four weeks’ notice to process your request.  Requests must be submitted before invitations are sent.

Official documentation (Academic transcript, parchment)

Completion letter 

A document from MIT confirming you have completed the qualification. This letter can be useful to support applications for further study, job and visa while you await your official parchment.

You can request a letter of completion from your school admin team any time after completion.  


A certified statement detailing your complete academic record at the institute including details of all course results, completion details and qualification.  

Complete this form to request the official transcript of your Academic Record from our Ask Me! student services team. A processing fee of $25 applies (two copies) plus $12.50 for each extra copy ordered.

Parchment (certificate) 

An official certificate confirming your qualification will be prepared for you and provided free of charge.   

You can choose to either receive your Certificate:

  1. In-person
    Register to attend your graduation ceremony and be awarded your certificate on stage 
  2. Collect from campus 
    Register to graduate 'in absentia'. The graduation team will advise you via email when your certificate is ready.  Either pick-up in person from an Ask Me! student services centre or contact academicrecords@manukau.ac.nz to authorise someone to collect on your behalf. Please allow four weeks processing time from the date of graduation.
  3. Request postage
    Register to graduate 'in absentia'. Email studentrecordrequests@manukau.ac.nz with your name, ID number, qualification and preferred delivery address. Please allow four weeks processing time from the date of graduation. A courier fee will apply for diploma or degree parchments (within NZ $10, Australia $25, rest of the world $50).
Early issue

If you are leaving NZ permanently, you can request for your qualification certificate to be awarded prior to the graduation date. There is a formal process for processing the early release of parchments and requests will be conferred at the next MIT Council Board meeting.  You must apply at least four weeks’ before your departure date and supply copies of your airline ticket. Please note that if you request early issue you can not attend a future graduation ceremony for that qualification.

Complete the request the early issue of your parchment form if you are leaving the country permanently. 
Please allow four weeks processing time. Requests must be submitted before graduation invitations have been sent.

Replacement certificates  

If your certificate has been lost or damaged or your name has changed we can replace your certificate.  You can't order extra copies of your parchment.

To request a replacement certificate email studentrecordrequests@manukau.ac.nz. Make sure to include your full name, ID number and qualification. A processing fee will apply (certificate $25, diploma/degree $40 each) plus postage.

Uncollected Parchments will be destroyed after four years.  A processing fee will apply to reprint.

Name changes and pronunciation

Name changes

You must graduate under your official name held on record at MIT.  If your legal name has changed or is different from the one we have on record, you will need to formally change your name and provide proof (e.g. birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate and proof of identity change are an acceptable form of proof).

If you are applying to graduate, you must apply to change your name before the graduation registration closing date. Otherwise, your new name will not be printed on your graduation certificate in time for the ceremony and you will need to request a replacement certificate.

Examples of name changes can include:
1. Use initial instead of middle name
2. Drop the middle name
3. Reorder name order (Asian order)
4. Surname hyphenated 
5. Use known as name, this can be added in brackets
6. Married but also wants birth name, this can be added in brackets

To change your name, complete a name change request form PDF, 288.89 KB and take to Ask Me! Student Services Centre with acceptable proof of name change document ASAP.

If you cannot make it in person, you can email a scanned copy of the completed name change request form and a certified* document of proof to academicrecords@manukau.ac.nz.

*A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been stamped or endorsed by an authorised person who confirms that the copy is a true copy of the original document e.g. Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Barrister or Solicitor etc. To see a list of Justice of the Peace in your area visit justiceofthepeace.org.nz

Having a different name read out on stage

We understand some people don't always use their full legal name. Let us know if you would like to be called out by a different name as you walk across the stage, for example, your English name, or a shortened version.

Specify this during your online graduation registration form or email graduation@manukau.ac.nz with your full name, ID number and any change you wish to make. Your parchment and the official programme will read your legal name provided to the institute unless you complete a name change form to officially update your name with the institute.

Name pronunciation

If you're worried about pronunciation, please specify on your online graduation registration form or email graduation@manukau.ac.nz and let us know your ID number, the full name you would like called out and if possible phonetic spelling – describe how it sounds e.g. graduation = grad-you-aye-shun.  We'll pass that information on to help the presenter get it right for you on the day.