Success stories

"To be perfectly honest, I have started the MIT careers and employment process with some doubt as I have been somewhat trying to find an opportunity to change careers for the past 3 months. However, I was astounded by the level of assistance and professionalism I have received from the careers and employment team who not only helped me improve my CV but also provided a very close to real life interview practice which prepared me well for the interview - the entire experience made me gain confidence and trust within my skills and eventually led me to successfully being offered employment with NZ's largest bank!

I have many friends who graduated and are struggling to find employment but I feel with MIT's education, guidance and self-desire to succeed, any perspective student will already have an advantage before getting out into the real world to find a job build a great career.

Many thanks to you and to the whole team who helped me from day one. I will be considering further studies at MIT in order to self-develop and will undoubtedly approach the team again if I need any further assistance in the future."

Hosam Sanad
Business graduate | Secured full-time employment at ANZ Bank.

"My success story towards getting part-time employment in PAK’nSAVE Bakery department was the great help from the MIT Career and Employment Solutions team.

I acknowledge the vote of thanks to the team for helping me not only to get a job but be patient with all the things that have happened to me when I was job searching. They understand the career needs of the applicants. I in the end again thank the team for the help."

Hemendra Sharma
International Diploma in Baking graduate | Secured part-time employment

"I successfully achieved my Bachelor degree (Accounting major) at MIT. With an international student visa to further my academic background, I went on to study my Masters at AUT. 

Over the past year, I have been struggling to find work. With all the ads and brochure I received from CES during my studies, I went on to apply for the vacancy at Bidvest listed in the MIT CES website. The service was remarkable, and the CES team followed up with the job and also, called how the interview was. It was a sensational moment (lacking words to describe) since most recruitment agencies don't become personal.

I recommend students or job hunters apply for the vacancy listed on their website. It will genuinely make the job hunting process more manageable."

Jayesh Vekaria
Bachelor of Applied Management graduate | Secured part-time employment

"Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" and Manukau Institute of Technology (Business) has incorporated exactly that, into the way it teaches its students and transforms them into the leaders of tomorrow.

The Career and Employment Solutions team are a vital asset to MIT as they are the ones who contact and direct talent to potential employers. They constantly strive to ensure that there are a variety of jobs for students from all disciplines to choose from. 

My journey with the CES team began in my early days at MIT and they have been a force to reckon with. Right from helping students with their cover letter and CV, to following up with the status of applications and keeping students updated on the jobs they've applied for (sometimes on a daily basis), the team at CES MIT has been absolutely instrumental and proactive in helping me locate the best possible career opportunity. I would like to thank the team, who have been in touch with me since day one. 

I encourage all students at MIT to speak to someone from the CES team today to find your next prospective employer as opportunities don't just happen, you create them."

Joshua de Sales
Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing Graduate | Secured part-time employment

"I had completed my graduate diploma in mechanical engineering from MIT in 2017. My current experience was related to Fabrication. I wanted to pursue a career in maintenance. 

Recently I applied for a job application for a post of Engineering technician through CES online. MIT CES forwarded my resume to the company. I was successful in getting a job offer. 

Overall experience with CES and employer was very smooth and efficient. Also, the CES team was very helpful through all the stages of application and they did take follow-ups through regular interval of time. I would like to thank you for your effort and guidance provided."

Malav Bhatt
Engineering graduate | Secured employment

"My experience with CES MIT careers was very pleasant and helpful. I had been trying to get a job throughout my course and after it was finished back in June six months ago now. I signed up and they gave me the opportunity to land a job at Ballantynes.

I'm very thankful for what they did and I recommend finding a job through them. Had they not called me to inform me that there was a job going and to give my CV in I would not have found this role. Thank you very much and continue to help students/graduates in need."

Nika Reynolds
New Zealand Certificate in Tourism graduate | Secured part-time employment

"I am a new immigrant in New Zealand. I moved to Auckland in February 2019. I had previous healthcare work experience in Fiji. I studied a Bachelor of Nursing at MIT as a full-time student.

I had been applying for part-time jobs in healthcare since having arrived in the country with no success what so ever. Although I have other Bachelors level and Postgraduate level qualifications yet something was not right. Since being in touch with the MIT Careers and Employment Solutions (CES) team, my efforts in search of a part-time job took a positive turn. I have managed to find a part-time job as a community support worker. I strongly believe that the ongoing support and guidance of the CES team led to me being able to find a job.

The CES team picked up the first mistake in my efforts for job search which was an inappropriate resume. They helped me tidy up my resume to suit employer preferences in New Zealand. They assisted by vetting my job application documents being resume and cover letter and forwarded it to an appropriate employer with recommendations. The fact that my lecturers who are great teachers agreed to be my referees was a bonus as well. The CES team gave me tips on preparation for the interview process. The CES team continued to follow up on the outcome of the interview with me. I also had a warm and welcoming approach with the employer that I was referred to. The moment I walked into that door, the attitude of staff gave me the feeling of being respected, valued and accepted.

I think that the CES team is doing an excellent job and I recommend the services to all MIT students searching for jobs."

Punam Padayachi
Current Bachelor of Nursing | Secured part-time employment

"I had a great experience with CES team at MIT. I had initially used the CV and Cover letter checking support which was very helpful. I finished my studies late last year and was looking for work when I got an email in regards to the open evening interview with ARI Limited. I sent my CV and advised I was interested and from there on they have been available to support, guide and follow-up on every stage of progress.

I was fortunate to get a spot for a proper interview just next day after the open day and the following week I was asked for a list of referees and then advised I was selected for the position of Sales Advisor. The Team at ARI Limited made every stage of the interview comfortable and fun. Everyone has been very supportive and understanding from the training process to my early stages of starting work.

The CES team has been consistently guiding and supportive throughout the process. I would like to sincerely thank the CES team whose guidance and support have enable me to be prepared also the ARI Limited HR and Training team and my wonderful shift team members for their support and guidance"

Roseline Shankar
Graduate Diploma in Sales & Marketing Graduate | Secured full-time employment

"There’s no word to explain how much you guys help me through my studies and also getting me a good job straight after my course. Us students we are so lucky to have you guys right beside us to help and when we needed. I’m so happy and over the moon that I finally complete my level 3 Heavy Diesels straight after that you guys help me get into this good company Gleeson & Cox transport.

They offered mean apprenticeship after my 90-day trial so thanks to you guys MIT also to my teacher Trevor Williams for everything, On behalf of my whole family we want to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my fellow students and also for our family."

Tevita Hola
National Certificate in Automotive Engineering graduate | Secured apprenticeship