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Te Puna Mātauranga

Learning Services

Academic Learning Advisors are here to support you in your studies and help you succeed by providing assistance with coursework and enabling academic skill development.

We can run workshops, organise small group sessions and provide one-on-one guidance.

Skills we can help you develop include:
  • Academic writing and reading
  • Study skills
  • Maths/Numeracy support
  • English language support, including IELTS preparation.

Contact us

You can book an appointment with our Academic Learning Advisors Karen, Mona, Kara or Sabina via the Library website or the appointments bookings page.

Find useful resources and guides in our Study Toolbox.

Contact us via email at and include your student ID and mobile phone number.

Or contact the Library and Learning Services via phone at 09 968 8777 (Ōtara and City campuses) or 09 975 4670 (Manukau and TechPark campuses).

Academic Learning Advisor locations

MIT Ōtara Library (NP Block, North campus). Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

MIT Manukau and TechPark (Floor 2, MIT Manukau). Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm, Friday 9am-4pm

New Zealand Maritime School (City campus). Selected Wednesdays

Academic Learning Advisors can meet with you in person on campus, via phone, or online (e.g. video call via Microsoft Teams).