Technology support

Find out about the Government funding in place to help students who need assistance to access to devices and internet to access online learning.
The aim of Technology Support for students

The disruptions caused by COVID-19 highlighted the need to support learners to continue to access tertiary education and training and through its response and with the help of Government funding, MIT has been able to support currently enrolled learners with technology needs.

In this context, it means if you are without a device (laptop or desktop) or connectivity (internet), particularly through financial hardship, and enrolled in a course that is being delivered wholly or partly online, we may be able to assist by providing these to you on a loan basis, which will help you continue your studies.

Who can apply?

All Currently enrolled domestic students can apply, however to be eligible you would need to have no outstanding debt, including that your fees are paid for your current enrolment. To receive a device, students will also need be past their first 3 weeks of their programme start date.

What support can I receive through this fund?

MIT will provide successful applicants laptops on loan and/or support to get you connected to the internet.

Apply by filling out the EOI/application form

Apply by filling out the Technology Support EOI/application form.

You will need to enter your MIT username and password to access the form. If you're not sure what these details are, please refer to the access and login section of the Technology and online learning FAQ.

Can someone help me to apply?

You can contact our Student Advisors who can help you with your application on 0800 696 487 or by emailing

What is the process once I have applied?

We will assess your application and be in touch within 5 working days with a response.

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