Student rep positions and vacancies

Current vacancies

Please see below in our list of student Executives (school reps) for all our available positions.

How do I apply?

Send your CV and a cover letter to Tell us what position you’re applying for, reasons why and what you think you bring to the role. You will receive a response within 2 business days, informing you of your progress and instructions on what to do next.

Why join the Student Voice Team?

You gain leadership skills and experience that can be used to improve your CV and Linkedin profile; which increases your chances of being employed after you graduate.

You gain confidence. Sitting on different boards and committees across the institute; working with Executive and Academic Leaders and attending conferences and workshops in the education sector - so you’re work ready. 

You can make a real difference in your community. Being involved in decision making and the design of the learning experience here at MIT.

Student Council 


Connor McCormick

Deputy Chairperson

Naomi Henry-Taripo

General Members

Chrissy Bell

Pani McLean

Angel Tua

Jarrah Baldwin

Vincent Vitolino

Mario Aguirre Lopez

Student Executive / School reps 

MIT Manukau


School of Business (3/3)

Ayesha Rehiman

Pagutharivan Manimaran

Leva Leota

School of Digital Technologies (2/3)

Francesca Frandi

Jainish Patel

Mario Lopez

School of Health and Counselling (0/3)

Vacant – Apply now

School of Nursing (2/3)

Tuii (Chloe) Rauf

Alexandra Anderson

Susana Gaina

MIT Otara


School of Arts and Education (2/3)

Jessica-Lace Taylor

Mele Siniva Williams

Kerry Kidd

School of Hospitality and Tourism (0/3)

Pani McLean

School of Languages and Community Education (0/3)

Vacant – Apply now

School of Service Industries (0/3)

Vacant – Apply now

School of Social Work and Sport (2/3)

Natalie Moetu

Lusia Uepa

New Zealand Maritime School (0/3)

Vacant – Apply now

Technology Park


School of Professional Engineering (2/3)

Loveneet Singh

Abhinav Bandri

School of Specialist Trades (0/3)

Vacant – Apply now

School of Automotive (0/3)

Vacant – Apply now

School of Building and Civil Construction (0/3)

Vacant – Apply now

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Student Voice and what is its purpose?

The student voice is a collective group of students made up of the Student Council (8 Members) and Student Executives (30 members; 3 from 10 schools who represent all the different study areas/schools at MIT. (e.g. School of Nursing or School of Creative Arts)

The main purpose is for them to engage with and represent ALL students at MIT to give them a voice; where they may have feedback or concerns about their educational journey. They are also responsible for engaging with the institute to represent students when organisational changes take place that may impact the student journey. They work alongside MIT to ensure students are heard, well informed and receiving the best education possible.

What is the Student Council and what are their responsibilities?

The SC holds Strategic Overview and oversight alongside the Institute's Executive Leadership Team (ELT), and works closely with the Student Executives to engage with students.

What are Student Executives and what are their responsibilities?

The SEV takes an operational and ears-to-the-ground role towards Student Representation and feedback. They are responsible for ensuring there is a student voice in their school/area of study. They hold meetings/events with their students to inform and collect feedback about the Student Journey.  

What are the benefits of these roles?

  • Leadership and Community Development
  • Paid Opportunities throughout the year
  • Opportunities to represent MIT in the Education Sector
  • Be involved in the design of your own Educational experience

How much of my time will it take up? Can I do it alongside my studies?

Time: How much time it will take up will depend on how much time you want to put in. Being a part of the Student Voice you will have to opportunity to take part and/or run student events. Being in your roll you may be interested in seeing changes at and this may involve meetings with management to help see this change happen. It is flexible around your study; and you have a Team of students who are all support each other to ensure we are all still receiving the same (if not better) quality of education. There are compulsory monthly meetings; that members are expected to attend; but all other opportunities are shared amongst members and completely up to you. There are also paid opportunities that are available throughout the year.

Study: Absolutely, you can do it alongside your studies. As mentioned above there are events and meetings you're encouraged to attend. However, if you have classes or study that require your attention, this is always your priority.

Can I make a difference?

Yes you can make a difference. Being a part of the Student Voice you have the opportunity to influence what goes on around MIT. Want to see more events and social things at MIT? Is the study load difficult and need extra support? Having issues with Studylink? You can speak on behalf of the students you represent and give them a voice.

Are there rules around the role and will I receive training?

Rules: Yes, you can access our Terms of reference here which give a detailed explanation of the rules and responsibilities of members.

Training: Yes, of course. You will receive training right throughout your term, well supported by MIT and you will also have the support of previous Student Voice members who will be able to guide you in your roll.. This will cover things like:

An Induction to the Student Voice

  • Training in your specific role (the do’s and don’ts)
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Conflict management
  • Policy management
  • Community Engagement

Contact Details

Please feel free to contact one of the team; if you have any questions about the roles or need help with the process at any stage.