Automotive and Vehicle Technology

Cars these days have complex systems so they need good problem solvers who are on top of the latest technology to work on them. We are home to the largest automotive technology programmes in the country so you'll get the best training going forward.

Currently, skilled workers are in demand as motor mechanics, auto electricians, panelbeaters or vehicle service technicians. You could be working on any type of vehicle, from cars and trucks to heavy industrial diesel machines like diggers, forklifts and front end loaders.

If you’re passionate about racing our motorsport programme gives you the chance to build a car from scratch while learning the essential automotive skills to kick-start your apprenticeship. Based at MIT Pukekohe, it’s just minutes away from the Pukekohe Park Raceway where you could be test driving your car at the end of the course.

Potential Jobs

There are shortages of people in these jobs, so chances of getting a job are good. 

Once you are qualified, there is also an opportunity to open your own business and become self-employed.

JobAverage salary»
Automotive Electrician Up to $24 per hour (no formal qualifications)
$20-$40 per hour (qualified and depending on experience)
Light Vehicle Automotive Technicians Up to $20 per hour (1-2 years' experience)
$21-$30 per hour (2-5 years' experience)
$29-$37 per hour (senior or supervisor level)
Heavy Vehicle Automotive Technicians $26-$39 per hour (depending on experience)
Collision Repair Technician (Panel Beater)$17-$19 per hour (1-2 years experience)
$20-$25 per hour (2-5 years experience)
$25-$35 per hour (5+ years' experience)
Automotive Refinisher (Car Painter)$17-$19 per hour (1-2 years experience)
$20-$25 per hour (2-5 years experience)
$25-$32 per hour (5+ years' experience)

»Sourced from June 2018

Why choose MIT?

Our Faculty of Engineering and Trades has strong relationships with businesses and industry training organisations, giving you greater access to work experience opportunities while studying, apprenticeship placements and ongoing job opportunities after graduation. Plus, whatever your education or work history, you can enter at a level that suits your specific needs.