Arboriculture (Tree maintenance)

If you’re interested in working outdoors, scaling heights and providing care and maintenance to trees then a career as an arborist (tree surgeon) could be for you.

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As an MIT graduate you will be in a great position to start work in this exciting and physically challenging industry thanks to our relationship with Treescape.

Treescape is New Zealand’s largest arboriculture provider and in 2016 the company was awarded the contract to provide ecological and arboriculture services to Auckland Council across the region.  Treescape kicked off 2017 with 56 vacancies, and has already hired MIT students to bring that number down.

When you study aboriculture at MIT you will develop specialist skills around residential tree care, planting, pruning, removal and felling. You’ll also learn about the safe use and maintenance of the tools of the trade such as climbing gear and chainsaws.