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Job Average Salary
Assistant accountant $35K-$75K per year
Accountant $60K-$115K per year
Finance manager $80K-$100K per year
Chief finance manager $100K-$180K per year
Event manager $30K-$45K per year
$46K-$65K per year (>3 years' experience)
Project manager $55K-$135K per year
Marketing specialist $40K-$70K per year (<2 years' experience)
$50K-$75K per year (>3 years' experience)
Market research analyst $35K-$50K per year (1-2 years' experience)
$45K-$70K per year (2-4 years' experience)
Culinary, Hospitality and Baking
Job Average Salary
Chef $16-$25 per hour
Head chef $22-$49 per hour
Baker (trainee) $28K-$30K per year
Baker (qualified) $30K-$45K per year
Café and restaurants  (duty manager) $16-$20 per hour
Café and restaurants (general manager) $18-$24 per hour
Hotel and accommodation (hotel manager) $38K-$200K per year
Hotel and accommodation (motel manager) $40K-$90K per year
Hotel and accommodation (porter) $15-$19 per hour
Hotel and accommodation (receptionist) $35K-$50K per year
Digital Technologies
Job Average Salary
Software developer $58K-$80K per year (with some experience)
$80K-$110K per year (with several years' experience)
Web developer $45K-$77K per year
Test analyst $61K-$130K per year
Systems administrator $50K-$80K per year
Database administrator $71K-$97K per year
Game developer $49K-$60K per year
$60K-$80K per year (with experience)
Business analyst $69K-$110K per year
Job Average Salary
Hairdresser or Barber $31K-$50K per year
Job Average Salary
Deckhand (with less experience or working on smaller vessels) $33K-$55K per year
Deckhand (experienced) $45K-$90K per year
Ship's officer $60K-130K per year
Ship master (small vessels) $33K-$70K per year
Ship master (large, foreign-going vessels) $125K-$250K per year
Marine engineer (>5 years' experience) $80K-$180K per year
Inshore fishing skipper $40K-$80K per year
Job Average Salary
Arborist $15-$18 per hour (1-4 years’ experience)
$25-$30 per hour (>5 years’ experience)
Crop manager/Crop farmer $50K-$100K per year
Florist $16-$20 per hour (<3 years' experience)
$20-$25 per hour (>3 years' experience)
Gardener $14-$25 per hour
Grounds person $31K-$60K per year (groundskeepers)
$60K-$100K per year (highly experienced senior groundskeepers)
Landscape gardener $15-$18 per hour (1-2 years’ experience)
$35-$40 per hour (>2 years’ experience)
Nursery grower $14-$22 per hour
Job Average Salary
Outdoor recreation guide $46K-$58K  per year (>3yrs experience)
Tour guide $25K-$60K per year (note that there are not set pay rates)

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