Building, Construction and Carpentry

Whether you are in the construction industry or would just like to gain industry quality training enabling you to tackle those home improvements or projects, the short course offerings from Building, Construction and Carpentry aim to meet the needs of professional builders, technical high school teachers, home handymen, handywomen, and people looking to learn a new skill in a supervised, safe environment.

Our facilities in South Auckland allow a practical experience, enabling you to get your hands on the building equipment and be shown how to use it to its full potential. If you are in the construction industry, you'll know just how valuable your skills are. You can invest in yourself to gain more skills.

We also offer customised training that can be delivered to your organisation. Use the Enquire Now box to get hold of someone who can help.

Some of the outcomes that people will gain from courses are:

  • Proficiency in using construction machinery
  • Ability to up-cycle materials
  • Safety appreciation and how to spot hazards
  • Confidence to use your skills at home or at work
  • Insight into one of New Zealand's fastest growing skill areas

People who should take this course are:

  • Builders
  • Building contractors
  • Building sales representatives
  • Building supervisors
  • Technical Leads at high schools
  • Handymen and handywomen
  • Hobbyists wanting to improve basic skills.

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