STCW ’95 Basic Training Course

We offer customised and contract training to individuals and companies in almost any location. If you have staff in need of any aspect of navigation/bridge training or certification or assistance with a project we have an able team of bridge experts who are experienced trainers who have navigated the seas across the globe.

Our trainers will board your ship, have your bridge crew observed and assessed throughout a leg and customise crew training according to needs. Bridge Team Management, Navigation Control and Emergency courses are among some of the areas your crew may benefit from. Or it may be that your crew need to achieve a better level of communication, interaction and situational awareness to become a more cohesive operating crew.

     “The unrivalled benefits of training this way, are that the
     Captain and navigation officers receive training specific to
     their needs while on their ship, rather than a classroom, they
     then follow up the training in our world class full mission bridge simulator, in the Ports of Auckland, for more intricate procedures and then continue sailing in the same group. This means all crew members are able to apply what they learn immediately with a common understanding,” – Captain Kees Buckens, programme designer for Bridge management customised training.

Our trainers, who are also Captains and officers with many years experience around the world, attend conferences and expos in such places as Singapore, Hong Kong, Holland, UK, Miami, Mumbai and further keeping up to date with new industry developments from equipment to trends and global issues.

Programme Details

7 Days

  • The 2-day Introductory Fire Course included in this course is not equivalent to the Basic Firefighting course which is a prerequisite for Advanced Firefighting. It is most suitable for catering or hotel staff on passenger vessels. The course is also not the basic fire fighting course needed for certificated officers or for engine and deck ratings on ships. These students need to complete the 5-day Basic Firefighting courses.
  • First Aid – this section is also covered in the 5 day First Aid at Sea Course
  • Basic Survival – this section is also covered in the 5 day Proficiency in Survival Craft Course
  • Security check form required to be completed no later than two weeks prior to attendance at the fire fighting section.

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