We want your MIT story

We want your MIT story

For the past six weeks I have written a little “Snippet” about MIT, reflecting on its past, some of the history, some of the events. I have enjoyed this very much and I hope that you have as well

But now I want to open the door to contributions from you.

Many of you will have recollections that might cover topics such as:

  • People you have worked with;
  • Activities and events that have taken place;
  • Things that stand out and made you proud to be at MIT;
  • Staff who have been students might recall how that was;
  • The characters you remember?

There is so much that you could share.

Each snippet could be about 600 words – that is close to one side of an A4. Your piece could be shorter, or it could be longer – whatever the length of your piece is, it will be just right. Remember what Allice in Wonderland said: “Start at the beginning, go through the middle, and stop at the end!”

I would love to have stories and reminiscences about people, programmes, places, and proud moments.

If you would like to chat with me about this then give me a call 027 568 7692 or email me at stuart.middleton@manukau.ac.nz.

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¹ Future Golden Jubilee Snippets will relate the story of MIT Manukau., and of the Secondary Tertiary Developments.