MIT Ōtara campus

MIT Ōtara was established in 1970, in the heart of Ōtara.

53 Ōtara Road, Ōtara, Auckland.

Located in the heart of Ōtara, and just off the southern motorway, MIT Ōtara occupies what was once called 'Ōtara Farm', a fertile and productive farmland, and an agricultural education school, back in 1917.

MIT Ōtara is now home to many of our hands-on vocational schools, and our Ngā Kete Wānanga marae and Pasifika centre, giving our students a place to call their own.

There is free parking for students in the multi-story carpark, and access to public transport links.

Some of our facilities are open to the public, from our children's daycare centre, to student training salon and restaurant, cafe, and bakery.

Near our Ōtara campus is Auckland Council's Ōtara Pool and Leisure Centre (a recreation centre with heated swimming pools), a public library, an art gallery, and the Ōtara town centre which offers a range of shops and food outlets.

MIT Ōtara campus location

53 Ōtara Road, Ōtara, Manukau, Auckland.

Want more detail on our campus layout? View the MIT Ōtara campus map.