Schools and communities
Support for high schools, students, parents and the community

At MIT we work with students, parents, schools, and the community to ensure you and your support networks have all the information you need to make good decisions about your future.

We offer programme and career advice, tours, experience days, high school pathway training and can also customise experiences for your school or community group.
If you need help deciding on what to study or if MIT is the right fit for you, your family or your school, we can help with your decision-making process.

Come join us, where the best makers are made.

Experience Days
At school? Find a programme that suits you.

Get a taste of MIT when you register for one of our experience days. 

Practical, hands-on and free of charge, MIT’s experience days have been designed to give you a glimpse into tertiary study.

Student for a day
Get a taste of student life

Thinking of studying? Have a subject you'd like to learn?

Become a student for a day. You’ll attend real classes with current students and experience what it's like to be a student at MIT.

Just fill in the student for a day online registration form and we'll be in touch.

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Book a tour
Explore the campus and ask questions

We’ll give you a tour of the areas you want to see so you can get familiar with our campuses and services. 

Bring a friend, family member or support person along and come check out what we have to offer.


MIT offers a range of programmes for high school students that are designed to pathway you into tertiary study.

Our partnership, institute and taster courses are available for you to experience MIT learning either at school or on one of our MIT campuses.

We offer a variety of programmes not typically taught in high schools which have been aligned with areas of future study with relevant career destinations.

If you are interested in studying a pathway programme talk to your careers advisor or contact us at or 09 976 0985.

Trades Academy
Tertiary training for years 11-13

MIT Trades Academy is one year programme for year 11, 12 and 13 students who wish to get a taste of tertiary subjects while still studying at high school. You’ll get the benefits of both worlds and ease the transition between secondary and tertiary study.

In a fiercely competitive workplace, studying at the MIT Trades Academy could be your edge. With some hard work and dedication, students have the opportunity to finish school with a minimum of NCEA Level 2 and credits towards a nationally recognised trade qualification from MIT.

The Academy will also give you the opportunity to gain the sector related credits required to give you a vocational pathway award on your NCEA Level 2 qualification.

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School of secondary tertiary studies
Get NCEA your way at MIT

If high school isn’t working out but you still wish to get your NCEA qualifications then the School of Secondary-Tertiary Studies (SSTS) could be for you. SSTS provides an opportunity to complete NCEA qualifications in Level 1, 2 and 3 as well as University entrance (UE) in a more hands-on environment. At the same time, you’ll get taste of various trades and courses available at MIT to help map out your future.

We know that learning in the school classroom doesn’t work for everyone. Some students find it hard to learn in a traditional school environment. With a hands-on approach, students learn practical and where possible learning is related to the student’s culture and background.

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