Our values

Our Values highlight what's important and how we like to get things done at MIT.

They span the beliefs, principles and attitudes that make up the spirit of our organisation. Being part of the MIT community means you're part of a caring environment that's focused on common goals and common values to help you become all you can be.

MIT’s Values are:

  • We are REAL

    We admire people who are genuine and honest. Down to earth people who reflect the way we like to teach, with practical, hands-on learning that leads to real skills for real jobs in the real world.

    We are genuine, honest and down to earth.


    We genuinely care for others. So we make people feel welcome through kindness, understanding and respect. We make them feel appreciated by acknowledging their contributions. All of which creates an environment where achievement can be nurtured.

    We care for others to nurture achievement.

  • We are CONNECTED

    We build valuable partnerships with industries, businesses and individuals, where knowledge is shared and created without silos, fences or egos. When others talk, we really listen. We’re open and approachable. Because we want our networks to be strong and our relationships to be genuine and long-lasting.

    We are well connected, open and approachable.

  • We are EXCELLENT

    To help people become the best they can be, we aim higher in everything we do. So we push boundaries and exceed expectations. It’s the way we achieve great results and the reason we get to celebrate success.

    We get great results and celebrate success.

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Our Values are woven into our recruitment processes and our performance management framework. They also shape the nomination criteria for MIT's annual Excellence Awards, recognising outstanding workplace achievement by MIT people.