Student Voice

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The Student Voice at MIT

MIT values the student voice – it is the most important voice in the entire organisation. Whether it is to do with the teaching and learning in the classroom, what’s happening at your campus or even during your lunch break, we value what you have to say and there are lots of ways to get involved.  

If you feel there is a need that is not being addressed, or you would like to share a concern, idea, compliment or complaint - you can raise these with us and we’ll ensure it’s followed through. We may even be able to help in some way. There are a few ways you can provide feedback.  

Student feedback form (Complaints, concerns and compliments)

If you want to share something individually, you can do that online through the student feedback form. You can choose to send it anonymously, or provide us with your details if you want us to get back to you. It takes approximately two minutes to complete - nice and easy. 

Speak with your School Rep 

Get in touch with one of your School Reps, you can find their details here. Share your thoughts about study, campus facilities, student social life and anything MIT. They will work with you and relevant staff members to ensure your feedback is heard and supported. They can also provide guidance around the student support system, which has some awesome things going for students (e.g. clubs, events, financial support). 

Contact the Student Council 

If you’d prefer to raise feedback independently from MIT, you can contact the Student Council. They are the student body that advocates on behalf of all MIT students. For students, by students. Email Attention: Student Council President.