Student Voice

Student Voice is all about YOUR voice, YOUR views, YOUR experience and YOUR opportunities for success. That’s right – Student Voice is all about YOU!

2020 Student Council elected

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MIT values the student voice – it is the most important voice in the entire organisation. Whether it is to do with the teaching and learning in the classroom, what’s happening at your campus, or even during your lunch break, we value what you have to say and there are lots of ways to get involved.

If you have any feedback (good or bad) about the teaching, learning, facilities or social experiences at MIT, please give us feedback by emaiing or by using the Student Feedback Form

The Student Voice at MIT

Student Voice includes two levels of representation; the Student Council and Student Executive (School reps).

Student Council is made up of eight elected members and represents students at the highest level of decision making, feeding back to MIT leadership about strategic matters. This includes representation on institute committees and the Academic board. The Student Council helps to keep MIT student-centric at all levels.

Student Representatives (school reps) are selected and are responsible for directly engaging with students and staff in their schools and feeding back key information and insights to the Student Council.

Message from the 2019 Student Council chair – Connor McCormick

Kia Ora!

This year I have the privilege of representing the MIT student body as the chairman of the MIT Student Council. The Student Council and Student Executive Voice board work closely with the Student Experience And Success teams to ensure that Students’ needs, wants and concerns are heard and responded to across the institute; speaking on your behalf to everyone from ground-staff through to the Executive Leadership Team and the Chief Executive.

We have a great team made up of talented and dedicated student volunteers from across the institute and from many walks of life, but we’re always looking for more. Have a look to see who your local representatives are and introduce yourself – we’re all here to help, and we don’t bite.

See some representation gaps in your school of study? Let us know! We’re still taking expressions of interest for student representatives from many of our schools. Otherwise, get in touch with your reps and join the conversation – Step out and let your voices be heard!