Student Voice

MIT values the student voice – it is the most important voice in the entire organisation. Whether it is to do with the teaching and learning in the classroom, what’s happening at your campus, or even during your lunch break, we value what you have to say and there are lots of ways to get involved. If you feel a need is not being addressed, or you would like to apply for a vacant position please contact the Student Voice Coordinator or the President/Vice President.

The Student Voice at MIT

The Student Voice is facilitated by the Student Voice Coordinator, who helps to take care of our student representation. The MIT student voice is made up of two main levels of representation; the Student Council and School representatives.

Student Council is made up of eight elected members and represents students at the highest level of decision making, feeding back to MIT leadership about strategic matters. This includes representation on institute committees and the Academic board. The Student Council helps to keep MIT student-centric at all levels by representing the views and needs of all MIT students. Elections are held every year between the months of September and November.

School Representatives (School Reps) represent the students in their School, their duties cover academic, wellbeing and social needs of the students they represent. School Reps work with leadership in their schools, to represent the views and opinions of their students. Each school can have up to 3 school reps. School reps are recruited every year in February and March. 

Student Voice Coordinator

Aayla Peebles