Student Voice - Te Waha o Ngā Tauira

Student Voice is a group of students who listen to students and speak for them with MIT leadership to ensure MIT is student-centred.

Student Council

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MIT values the student voice and empowers students to be involved in decision-making as partners at all levels of the institution.

Whether it is to do with the teaching and learning in the classroom, what’s happening at your campus, or even during your lunch break, we value what you have to say and there are lots of ways to get involved.

Student feedback form

If you want to share something individually, you can do that online through the student feedback form. You can choose to send it anonymously, or provide us with your details if you want us to get back to you. 2 minutes to complete; nice and easy!

Student representation at MIT

Student Voice representation is facilitated by the Student Voice Coordinator and is made up of two main levels of representation; the Student Council and School representatives. If you’d like to get involved email

Student Council is made up of nine elected members and represents students at the highest level of decision-making by feeding back to MIT leadership about strategic matters through membership in institute committees and the Academic board. The Student Council helps to keep the institute aware of and focused on the views and needs of all MIT students. Elections are held every year between the months of August and November. For more information have a look at our roles and responsibilities document.

Class Representative (class reps) play a vital role in advocating for students within their class. They are entrusted with the responsibility of addressing concerns, ideas, and feedback in a timely manner. Initially, their focus is on resolving issues within their own class. However, if these matters have an impact beyond their class, class reps collaborate with their counterparts from other classes within their cohort. This collaborative effort ensures that feedback is effectively communicated to lecturers and academic leads. Each class can have up to 2 class reps. Class reps are recruited every year in February and July.

Student Voice Representative represent the students in their school. Their duties cover the academic, wellbeing and social needs of the students they represent. Student Voice Reps work with leadership in their schools, to represent the views and opinions of their students, assist with events and help to create a fun and engaging student experience on campus. Each school can have up to 3 student voice reps. Student Voice reps are recruited every year in February and July.