Student support

Student Support have a number of teams to support you on your study journey.

As the country responds to stop the spread of COVID-19, MIT students will be required to learn remotely if a lockdown is declared in Auckland. In such situations, even though our physical campuses may be closed, support is still available.

We know that there are additional burdens being placed on our community at present. If you are an MIT student in a situation of genuine hardship, need to speak to a counsellor or require other assistance please call Student Support on 0800 696 487 or email

Please find the quick contacts for some of our services below by email, phone or online.

Support service EmailContact detailsAdditional contact details

Ask Me! student services centres

Send us a message on email 0800 62 62 52 +64 9 968 8000
(outside New Zealand)
Student support advisors 0800 696 487  

Library and learning services and learning (books)
(learning advisors)
Counsellors 09  976 0873
Career and employment solutions
Disability services 027 568 7669
Tech services N/A 0800 62 62 52 option 3
International student support services EmailContact
For pastoral care and any emergencies 0800 648 2273 or 022 067 8180 (both 24/7) 0800 648 2273 or 022 067 8180 (both 24/7)
General enquiries 09 9688742
+64 9 968 8742 (outside of New Zealand)
Applications and enquiries

    The contact details for student support are: