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Frank Brough


Lecturer and Dine at MIT Restaurant Manager

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Food and Beverage


  • I have always had a passion for cooking and serving food to people – seeing people eyes light up and the smiles on their faces was enough satisfaction for me.
  • I always knew I wanted to work in hospitality.
  • I worked my way through the ranks by starting with a catering company when I was around 18 as a waiter.
  • I moved overseas and travelled and worked in Australia.
  • Upon my return to NZ I landed a job with a well-known International Coffee Supplier – Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems – also known as Moccona, learning all aspects about coffee.
  • Some years later I then moved on to managing a catering firm which had 3 companies operating under its umbrella.
  • During this time, we had catering many large successful events – one of which I recall was the Dinner & Dance in the tunnels on SH1 Puhoi – prior to its grand opening.
  • This was a great tribute to “The Original Spit Roast Catering Company” of which 2,500 guest were catered for in a most unusual environment.
  • I moved onto the role of 2IC Operations Manager at Eden Park Stadium for the RUGBY WORLD CUP 2011.  This was a great experience – lots of hard work but definitely an event where by everyday brought about it challenges and special moments.
  • With the company, I worked for this enabled me to assist with other large events at other stadiums around NZ.  During this time, I was employed as a Night Class Lecturer for the Coffee Short Course Programme.
  • I then moved on to managed Mt Smart Stadium retail sector managing concerts and of course warrior’s games for a short period before moving to MIT.

Why I love MIT

I love the people and I love my craft (even though I have not yet mastered all there is to know about Food and Beverage).

I am never bored as it is forever evolving – which is why I love MIT.

As an employee and a lecturer change and diversity is always welcomed at MIT – thus enabling myself to develop new products, and styles of service which brings that new edge for the students to keep them inspired and help keep their passion growing.

Enabling student success and finding the right solution to ensure each student strives and achieves their personal best is why I love working at MIT.

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