Industry training and consulting

We provide training, coaching, and other assistance to companies and organisations of any size in all industries.

Whether you own or work for an established company, an organisation that is struggling, or one that is just getting started, we are available to partner with you. 

Choosing from a mix of training and services, you will receive customised solutions to help achieve your desired outcomes. We provide training, coaching, and other assistance to companies and organisations of any size in all industries. You’ll also have access to the research and technology services and resources of the various units on campus including faculty and staff, and students and graduates in your sector, for internships and ongoing employment.

We also have long-standing relationships with numerous businesses and groups in our region, which we leverage to generate mutual benefit and growth.

Training, courses and workshops can be delivered either at an MIT campus or on site with you, according to your organisation's needs.


Launching a business in New Zealand can be a daunting prospect without the right tools and expertise. We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge, to give you the best possible chance of creating a successful new venture.

With our support, you can:

  • learn from others who have previously started companies
  • gain education in a variety of business topics
  • access more funding opportunities
  • build new networks
  • navigate available resources
  • gain the tools necessary to launch a business successfully
  • access our support network

Business training

We connect industry with tailored opportunities and solutions. We can work with you to:

  • improve processes
  • find new customers
  • coach staff or management
  • recruit students or graduates for work placements or industry projects
  • identify new business opportunities
  • create unique partnerships
  • conduct practical applied research and development
  • facilitate training workshops
  • obtain grants, loans, and funding
  • and more.

Industry training

Professional training can benefit business professionals and leaders across a broad spectrum of industries and the public sector.

We can:

  • tailor courses and workshops that best meet the needs of your business
  • provide coaching and mentoring
  • facilitate workshops including strategy and planning
  • customise our delivery to suit your requirements
  • help entrepreneurs launch and build successful companies
  • improve the competitiveness of established companies
  • commercialise technology and innovation
  • identify and implement best practice through a variety of business techniques.

Training is developed and delivered by experienced staff, as well as selected external experts. Facilitators have significant practical experience in their areas of expertise, promoting a unique learning experience.