Getting people into great jobs: scaffolding course on One News

Ezekiel Webster

MIT gets people into great jobs.

One News recently covered the relationship between MIT’s School of Construction and ACROW.

Take a look at the story here.

The scaffolding company has expressed interest in employing all 16 current students on completion of our new pre-trade course.

“The demand that we’re seeing at the moment is unheralded, we’ve never been this busy in our history” ACROW general manager Phillip Manning told the programme, “Those guys have committed to the course and once they pass we’ve guaranteed them a job.”

Student Ezekiel Webster (18) says “It’s very relieving not having to go out there and look for the jobs, the jobs are finding us.”

“We’ve got employers falling over themselves to get in here and get hold of the students. Some of them were poached before they’d even completed the course,” says MIT lecturer Rod Alley.

The story showcased how MIT gives students the skills to get great jobs, as well as meeting the needs of employers.