MIT Millennials at LIT

MIT millenials at LIT

Ever wondered what Lit, Fam, Salty, Crisp and Shook mean but were afraid to ask?

Three enterprising current and former students of the Faculty of Creative Arts are teaching the older generation how to reach millennials online.

‘Five things Millennials wish you knew about Social Media’ will be delivered by Matt Wort, Kyla Dela Cruz and Georgia Brown in September.

Two of the team recently went on TVNZ’s Breakfast show and ran Hilary Barry and Daniel Faitaua through the basics of the term ‘Basic’ and others.

The target market is small to medium business owners who run their own social media channels wanting to connect with the growing demographic of young Aucklanders who rarely interact with traditional media.

However, after their appearance on the show the calls to MIT expressing interest in the course were mostly from parents wanting to understand their kids.

The classes cover the use of slang, humour and emojis as well as communicating with millennials in an authentic and engaging way.

The seven week course gets underway in September.