Children’s Education Centre turns 25

15 July 2019 

MIT's Children's Education Centre celebrated 25 years in July with music, dancing, singing and wonderful food.

It was great to have Suzy Kim (17) at the party.

She's in her last year of school, wants to become a nurse and started her pre-schooling with us as a 3-year-old.

“It just shows how much time has passed. I feel really old. It’s still the same staff from when I was here and they remember me,” Suzy says recalling the emphasis placed on field trips and everyone getting along.

Her mother Yeoun Sook Lim would drop Suzy off at the centre while studying for her degree in Early Childhood Education at MIT.

That strong focus on socializing children remains and is more important than ever with the increase of technology in the lives of families.

"We focus on social skills, problem solving and self help so the child can grow into an independent, capable person," says Yeoun who has worked there for 11 years.

The cake was cut by Specialist Advisor to the CE - Dr Stuart Middleton and guest of honour Miriam Anderson who managed the centre for all but a year and a half of its first quarter century.

“It’s very special. It’s something I’ve put my passion into. I love listening to the children. It’s made me humble to see everyone here remembering who I am,” she says.

The facility was the first purpose built children’s education centre in the country. It was opened as a venue for students to apply their theory, observe children at play and provide a service to the community.

At its height ninety students attended the centre and it had a waiting list of two hundred.

Since then many more options have opened though Miriam says ours has a special place because it is has children and not money as the focus.

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