M Daud Ahmed
Editor, December 2011

Auckland Region Accounting Conference 2011 was held in the AUT University. This is a premier conference of its kind in New Zealand. Academics and practitioners from New Zealand and overseas presented a number of good quality research papers. This special issue of the New Zealand Journal of Applied Business Research is drawn from the selected papers from this conference. Dr. Karin Olesen and Dr. Suresh Ramachandra managed article selection and review processes and also worked as the guest editors for this special issue.

This issue is composed of four articles and a guest Editorial that discuss aspects of which are of interest to the business sector, and the wider accounting profession. Astute readers may notice a variation in referencing conventions used by this journal; this is because they comply with the requirements of the conference. I would like to thank Dr. Olesen and Dr. Ramachandra for compiling this special issue as guest editors.

Dr. Wayne Dreyer worked as the New Zealand Journal of Applied Business Research during 2006 to 2011 and also initiated this special issue. Dr. Dreyer’s contribution to the publication of this journal will be remembered for the years to come.