Client Contribution to Professional Service Delivery: Implications for Relationship Quality

Milind A Mandlik, Manukau Institute of Technology
Mark Glynn, AUT University
Ken Hyde, AUT University

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to demonstrate the role of client contribution to professional (healthcare) service delivery and its implications for relationship quality (RQ). The study reveals an evolutionary shift in the role of the client, who actively wants to contribute, not just to service consumption, but to service provision as well. The service provider’s readiness in allowing a client to co-produce an optimum service experience has implications for the resultant relationship quality. We would like to propose a conceptual model in which client empowerment, besides trust, commitment and satisfaction, becomes an integral component of the meta-construct relationship quality (RQ). Seventeen participants, engaging with healthcare service providers were interviewed over a period of three months. The data was inductively coded and thematically analyzed. Overall, this research illustrates client contribution to service provision has favourable outcomes not only for the clients but for the service providers as well.