Successful strategic marketing

Dr. Roger Brooksbank, The University of Waiakto

Dr. Steven Miller, The University of Waikato

Dr. Zahed Subhan, Drexel University

Nadja Vorontsova-Wheatley, Western Carolina University

Abstract: Strategic marketing plays a pivotal role in enabling companies to successfully navigate and adapt to a changing business environment. Yet despite extraordinarily difficult trading conditions facing United States manufacturers in the wake of the global financial crisis, little research has sought to examine the extent to which they are practising strategic marketing, let alone its contribution to their success. This paper addresses these deficiencies. Based on data collected from 72 United States manufacturing companies via a web-hosted questionnaire, it compares and contrasts the usage patterns of basic strategic marketing practices within groups of higher-and lower-performing firms. While the results tend to be generally supportive of the conventional wisdom regarding the key ingredients of successful strategic marketing they also indicate that, in certain areas, decision-making among the higher performers is better adapted to the unique characteristics of the post- global financial crisis business environment. Accordingly, this study offers some practical guidelines for marketers. It also identifies some fertile avenues for future research

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