Research Needed: Business Opportunities in the Farmer-led Regenerative Agriculture Movement in New Zealand



Abstract: A significant shift in farming is underway in New Zealand. Regenerative agriculture has become a prominent topic of conversation among farmers, government officials, policy-makers, and researchers interested in supporting changes in environmental farm practices that overcome degrading soil and water. Farmers’interest in the “regen ag” movement’s positive environmental message is of mainstream importance to the New Zealand economy. As business operators, all farmers are increasingly influenced by regulations about water quality, nutrient runoff, and soil erosion. Regen ag creates an innovative mindset in farm practice choices benefitting the long-term viability of New Zealand agriculture, the main income earner for the country. Further research is needed for farmers and businesses in and outside the rural sector to secure opportunities around regenerating agriculture that farms with the environment rather than exploiting the environment.

Keywords: conservation farming, regen ag, biological farming, regenerative agriculture, rural research

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