Business Training Needs for Small to Medium Size Enterprises in New Zealand: An Exploratory Paper on Current Directions

Huibert De Vries, University of Canterbury
Teresa Dana, University of Canterbury

Abstract: Small enterprises dominate the New Zealand business landscape as they constitute 96% of all enterprises and account for 39% of total economic output; however, these enterprises face significant challenges with respect to their management proficiency. This exploratory paper discusses business training needs of small to medium size enterprises and is based on data from a survey of small to medium size enterprise owner-managers in the Canterbury region in which their training needs were investigated. A combination of online survey and face-to-face interviewing was used in order to gain insight into how educational training providers may tap into this market. Findings of this exploratory paper include evidence that a high percentage of respondents have intentions to expand their businesses in the near future and have a perceived need for training in the areas of finance, human resources, and marketing.