The Effective Incorporation of Digital Resources in Tertiary Teaching-Learning Environments

In looking for ways to use digital online resources, educational developers are investigating how to weave these effectively into course design and development with a view to enhancing student engagement and ultimately student success (Crawford & Jenkins, 2017).

In collaboration AUT and Australia's Flinders University, Susie Kung at MIT's school of education, is heading a research project that aims to capture students' perspectives on effective teaching-learning environments. The project's key research questions are: What are the characteristics of effective tertiary blended teaching-learning environments? and how might the student-teacher relationships continue to grow and flourish in an increasingly online/blended tertiary teaching environment?

The project's findings will guide the design of pedagogies and assessments within the school, thereby aiding student well-being and subsequent retention and success. The findings will also be of interest to all involved in tertiary teaching as the inevitable move into a digital (or blended) learning environment continues to rapidly progress.