The school of education has a vibrant research culture, including holding its symposium annually. The symposium showcases work done by its staff as well as supporting the careers of newer researchers. Recent projects include:

  • Relational teaching in blended learning environments
  • Importance of teaching spaces
  • Two new Pasifika methodologies; Fatugatiti and Nga Pou e Wha
  • Beginning the journey of mobile learning
  • Assessment: regurgitation or learning
  • Visual arts in early childhood education.

The Education team welcomes collaboration so please don't hesitate to contact their Academic Lead (Research).

Researchers and their research interests:

Jo Perry — Researches pedagogy, methodology, journaling, M-Technology, improvement of learning and teaching practice

Jo is the Academic Lead (Research) and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education. During the past 12 years she has been actively engaged in the processes and people involved in teaching and learning.  Jo’s publications encompass refugee early childhood education, student teachers on practicum, educational technologies and research methodologies and she has presented nationally and internationally.

Dr Sarah Probine — Researches visual arts pedagogies in early childhood education

Dr Probine is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education and has a PhD in Education. She has been researching the role of the visual arts within young children’s learning and the contextual factors that impact how they come to value and use the visual arts in their learning. Dr Probine has presented in local and international conferences and published in reputed journals.

Susie Kung — Researches effective tertiary teaching-learning environment, teacher motivation and retention, teacher identity and effective teaching, regenerating practice, appreciative inquiry and self-review

Susie is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education and has an active interest in the characteristics of effective teachers. She embarks on research projects that investigate the role of teacher identity in teaching and learning. Susie is highly skilled in appreciative inquiry (AI) methodology to uncover effective tertiary teaching-learning spaces, her research has been published in national and international journals and she argues to use AI as a methodology for both team and self-inquiry.

Anamoa Lole — Researches Pacific principles and pedagogies and Samoan conceptual knowledge

Anamoa is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education and is actively engaged in Pasifika research.

Leanne Seniloli — Researches child movements and learning

Leanne is a Lecturer at the School of Education. She is interested in analysing the impacts of movement on learning and the holistic development of children.

Krishan Maani — Researches activity-based learning, adult education, digital learning and teaching platform

Krishan is a Lecturer at the School of Education. He draws on globally emergent teaching characteristics such as reliability, availability, efficient resource utilisation and quality assurance for building learner-centred learning and teaching environment.

Fatma James — Researches transition to school for learners, education policy, boys education and language acquisition

Fatma is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education. She has a background in primary and intermediate teaching and has a MA in Education and a TESOL qualification.