The Maritime sector is becoming more and more digitalised and data-driven while incorporating a multitude of technological advances such as artificial intelligence, robotics, green energy vessels, automation, smart ships and autonomous vessels. Maritime's business practices and management strategies must innovate to stay relevant and research is needed to produce and appraise concepts from a system perspective.

The Maritime School boasts New Zealand's largest pool of industry experts in logistics, domestic maritime, ocean-going marine engineering, nautical studies ands afety at sea.

Active research areas within the school are asset management of technical assets and electric boat design.

The Maritime team welcomes collaboration so please don't hesitate to contact their Academic Lead (Research).

Researchers and their research interests:

Robert Shaw — Researches boat design, and enhancement of vessel design

Robert is the Head of New Zealand Maritime School. He has a Masters in Design and a Maritime New Zealand Commercial Launchmaster Certificate and has extensive boat-building project experience as a designer and project manager.  He has been involved with several innovative projects including the development of the Shaw 750 Animal Biscuit – New Zealand’s first rule-compliant foiling monohull, and the design of a 6-metre PerformR coach boat.  He is currently part of a research project considering the introduction of electric power chain to boat design.

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Dr Tom Qi — Researches electric marine vehicles, electric vehicles in intelligent transport systems, and robotics in smart farming

Dr Qi is a Senior Lecturer and the Academic Lead (Research) at the New Zealand Maritime School. He has a PhD in technology and has vast experience in marine engineering design and tertiary education. Dr Qi has more than 100 quality-assured publications in journals and international conferences and regularly receives invitations to chair conferences and workshops.  He is currently leading a research project in regard to electric vehicles at sea.

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