The practice of nursing evolves as researchers make discoveries, and nursing research explores best practices and improves clinical knowledge and expertise. The school of nursing delivers three-degree programmes – Bachelor of Nursing (BN), Bachelor of Nursing Pasifika (BNP), and Bachelor of Nursing Māori (BNM) as well as diploma programmes. The school has over 30 experienced academics to conduct teaching, research and clinical supervision. Their research experience, expertise and interests include healthcare for Māori, Pasifika, migrant groups and marginalised groups; nurses' attitudes towards healthcare treatments and nurses' experiences working in different healthcare settings; and medical interventions, prescribing errors, assessment complications, and the safety of healthcare staff. Currently, six nursing academics are collecting and collating nursing oral histories for the Alexander Turnbull Library funded by the Nursing Education Research Foundation (NERF).

The Nursing team welcomes collaboration so please don't hesitate to contact their Academic Lead (Research).

Researchers and their research interests:

Dr Deborah Rowe — Researches improving safety in health care

Dr Rowe is an Associate Professor and the Head of the School of Nursing. She has a PhD (2012), a Master of Health Science and a Master of Management and was the Chair of the Nursing Council of New Zealand. Dr Rowe has extensive knowledge of the complexities of healthcare and strategies to improve safety and quality in hospitals and her research was on preterm birth and the endocrine regulation of growth in childhood and adolescence, and on traumatic brain injury in early childhood focussing on increasing the safety of neonates and children.

Dr Rowe uses both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and continues to develop experience and expertise in the areas of quality and safety of newborn infants. She has extensively published and presented in local and international journals, conferences and seminars.

Maia Topp — Researches nursing practice and diabetes education

Maia is a Lecturer and the Academic Lead (Research) at the School of Nursing.  Her background is in acute, medical and primary care nursing and diabetes and her Master’s thesis was on nurses’ perceptions of providing diabetes education to type 2 diabetes patients in primary healthcare. Maia is currently working on her PhD on in-patient diabetes nursing.

Viv McNair — Researches clinical supervision models, supporting students with digital learning, curriculum development and workplace readiness of new graduates

Viv is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing. She has a Postgraduate Diploma in health science and a Master of nursing with first-class honours. Her Master’s thesis was on clinical competency assessment of student nurses from which a new student clinical competency assessment tool was developed that is now integrated throughout the School of Nursing’s programmes.

Diane McNeilly — Researches clinical education

Diane is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing and has been a registered nurse for over 30 years with a background in renal nursing.  She has a Postgraduate Diploma in clinical education and is currently working on implementing the Elsevier Clinical Skills platform into the curriculum to standardise content delivery and improve clinical skills of undergraduate nursing students.

Anne Sinclair — Researches student journey and support

Anne is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing, has a background in biology and counselling and teaches human biology and science.  She is currently working towards a Masters in applied management and has completed her dissertation on students’ dwindling class attendance.

Karen Clarke — Researches neonatal and paediatric health

Karen is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing. She is a registered nurse and midwife and has a BSc (Hons) and a Masters in professional practice.

Andy Redpath — Researches nurse education, simulation in practice and integration of new technology into nursing

Andy is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing and has a background in emergency and neonatal nursing as well as advanced military pre-hospital emergency care.

Jane Allen — Researches risk and resilience factors experienced by tauira

Jane is a Lecturer at the School of Nursing and has a background in primary healthcare nursing and biological anthropology.  She is currently working towards a Master in public health focussing on the impact of housing and neighbourhoods on health and wellness.

Misty Edmonds — Researches Maori and Pasifika healthcare and health outcomes

Misty is a registered nurse and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing and has a Master degree. She is a research team member of a study on 'Engagement of Maaori learners with Te Tohu Paetahi Rangatira aa-Tapuhi: people, places, & resources.'

Premila Kumar — Researches nursing with an in-patient focus

Premila is a Lecturer at the School of Nursing and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science.

Emma Lambert — Researches Maori health research, brain research, behaviour and molecular biology

Emma is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing. She was a research team member of the Quit for Good research study.

Jane Barrett — Researches public and population health, and primary and personal health

Jane is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing and holds a Master in Public Health. She is interested in the ways in which housing and the local community environments impact on the utilisation of primary health care.

Kelly Bullivant — Researches clinical leadership and Māori nurse leadership

Kelly is a Lecturer at the School of Nursing and has carried out a study collected data in the Cook Islands on issues affecting teenagers including rates of pregnancy, STIs and smoking. The data contributed to the knowledge of the academic community in the country.

Ray Jauny — Researches mental health experiences of migrants, mood self-assessment application tools, and nurses' attitudes towards end of life choice

Ray is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing and is currently completing his doctorate and has diverse acute and community mental health experience in New Zealand and in the UK.