Frequently asked questions

What is a graduand?

You are called a 'graduand' if you have completed your studies and are eligible to graduate. After the ceremony, you will be a 'graduate'.

Do I need a ticket?

Yes, all graduands will need to present a 'graduand' ticket to sign-in on arrival for your ceremony.  

Do guests need a ticket to attend a graduation ceremony?

Yes. All guests over four years old will need a ticket to enter the venue.  

How do I order guest tickets?

You can request up to two free tickets for guests and will have the opportunity to purchase extra guest tickets if you need.  

What if I need more guest tickets?

Due to limited seating at the venue, initially we can only allocate up to two guest tickets per person, to ensure that all graduates have an opportunity to invite guests.  

Tickets will be available for ordering from 2 March 2020. You can claim your free tickets, and purchase more guest tickets (if needed) for $10 each, on a first-come, first-served basis. We will notify you via email when tickets are available.

Do children require tickets?

Any child under four years old do not need a ticket, provided they do not need their own seat in the arena and will sit on a guests lap.  However, as graduation is a formal event and involves being seated for up to two hours, we have a special space at Vodafone Events Centre available for parents with small children. There will be water and activities available with a great view of the arena and full sound. Tickets are free and seating is limited.

Can my child walk across stage with me?

No, children are not allowed walk across the stage with you. However they can greet you with your family on the other side of the stage after you’ve received your certificate.

What is graduating 'in absentia'?

Graduating in absentia means that although your degree will be conferred or diploma awarded at the ceremony, you will not be attending in person. If you graduate in absentia you cannot attend a ceremony for that same qualification in the future.

Are there any fees or costs for graduation and what do they include?

No, there is no cost for graduating. However there is a cost to purchase extra tickets if you require more than two. There is also a cost to hire your regalia (academic dress).

How do I cancel unwanted tickets?

Unwanted tickets can be cancelled and refunded through the ticketing agent. Please make sure to cancel any unwanted seats so that other guests can attend.

What should I do if I can no longer attend my ceremony?

In this case you will be graduating in absentia. Please contact the graduation office as soon as possible by emailing to let us know you can no longer attend. Please include your full name, ID number and contact phone number.

How long will each ceremony last?

The graduation ceremony lasts approximately two hours. Please keep in mind that graduands need to arrive one hour before to sign in and leave enough time after the ceremony for photos.

Can I wear national dress or cultural attire?

Yes. We encourage this and many students choose to wear national or cultural dress e.g. korowai, lei, sari etc. However, you must ensure that your academic hood is worn over the top of any other clothing. If you wear a headdress for cultural or religious reasons, you should still hire a trencher (only for degree and postgraduate qualifications). You do not need to wear it but you should carry it on stage for conferment.

How can I make sure my name is read out correctly when I walk across the stage?

If you're worried about pronunciation please detail pronounciation on your registration form or email the graduation team at Let us know your ID number, the full name to be called out and if possible phonetic spelling – describe how it sounds if it's tricky. We'll pass this information on to help the presenter.

What if I'm called by a different name to my legal name?

We understand some people don't always use their full legal name. Let us know if you would like to be called out by a different name as you walk across the stage, for example your English name, or a shortened version. Please advise on your registration form or email with your full name, ID number, contact phone number and any changes you wish to make. Your parchment and official programme will read your legal name provided to the institute unless you complete a name change form to officially update your name with the institute.

What happens if my name has changed from the one I registered with at MIT?

If your legal name has changed or is different from the one we have on record, please complete the name change request form PDF, 288.89 KB and bring it to the address below along with an acceptable proof of name change document before the 22 February 2020. Please note the following are acceptable forms of name change documentation: birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates and proof of identity change.

Ask Me! Student Services Centre - Gate 1, L Block, Newbury Street, Otara, Manukau.
Monday to Friday: 7am to 8pm

If you cannot make it in person, you can email a scanned copy of the completed name change request form and the certified name change document (i.e. birth certificate or passport etc) to

How can I apply to have an early issue of my parchment?

If you’re leaving New Zealand permanently and are not able to attend the graduation ceremony please apply for an early release of your parchment at the Ask Me! Student Services Centre. Complete the form and bring a copy of your travel ticket or itinerary giving details of when you are leaving New Zealand. Please ensure you give four weeks’ notice to process your request.

Do I need to pay my library fines and outstanding fees before I am able to graduate?

Yes. However, if you have significant outstanding fines or fees on graduation day, you can still attend the ceremony but your certificate may be withheld until your account has been cleared.  

How can I pay outstanding fees?

You can pay outstanding fees via the Learning Portal, direct credit (online banking) or cash (deposited into the MIT bank account).

See the details for these various payment options.

Where can I pay my outstanding library fees or fines?

Please contact the Library in the first instance to arrange payment.

What do I do if I need a letter of invitation for immigration purposes?

To request a letter of invitation for immigration purposes please email To avoid any delays your email must include the following: Your name and ID number, the name of who the letter is to be addressed to, and also the following details for each guest: their full name, date of birth and relationship to you.

What do I wear for graduation?

You will wear your own formal attire, along with the academic regalia that is required for your specific qualification over the top.

Where do I order regalia?

You need to order your own regalia online from Academic Dress Hire. This is a very quick and easy process and you should do this as soon as possible.  For detailed information on regalia, please refer to our what to wear page.

What if I can't make it in person to collect my regalia by the dates specified?

You can organise for a friend or family member to collect it on your behalf. To collect regalia on someone's behalf, you need to provide Academic Dress Hire with the person's prepaid invoice, name, ID number, height (cm) and head circumference (cm). If you do not have all of the required information, they will not be able to issue the regalia.

What do I wear with my regalia?

Graduation is a formal occasion, so please dress accordingly. Most male students choose to wear a suit and tie or shirt with tie and dress pants. Women generally wear dresses or more formal attire. Please make sure you wear comfortable shoes as you will need to walk up a ramp and across the stage to receive your award. We also encourage you to wear any appropriate cultural attire.

What do I do with my regalia after graduation?

You will need to return your regalia to Academic Dress Hire in the bag provided at the specified times.

What if I can't make it in person to return my regalia by the dates specified?

Purchase a pre-paid return box from Academic Dress Hire when you order your regalia. This allows you to send your regalia from any NZ Post shop back to Academic Dress Hire instead of returning it in person.

Alternatively, you could organise a friend or family member to drop it off for you. Please make sure that you return in the bag provided. Please note that if your regalia is not returned by the due date, a late fee will apply.

What if I am not able to make it to the ceremony?

If for some reason, you are not able to attend graduation or choose not to participate, please complete the registration form to let us know that you won't be participating.

You will be able to collect your certificates from the Ask Me! Student Services Centres in April. Please bring in your ID or photo identification (e.g. driver's licence or passport).

If you’re a graduate from business and digital technologies or nursing, health and counselling you can collect your certificate from the office at MIT Manukau, Corner of Davies and Manukau Station Road. Please bring in your ID or photo identification (e.g. driver's licence or passport).

If I graduate In absentia, how do I get my certificate?

If you’re a graduate from Manukau campus you can collect your certificate after 10 April 2020 from the Ask Me! Student Services Centre at MIT Manukau, Corner of Davies and Manukau Station Road. Please bring in your ID or photo identification (e.g. driver's licence or passport).

Qualifications from TechPark and Otara campus will be available for collection from the Ask Me! Student Services Centre after 10 April 2020. Please bring in your ID or photo identification (e.g. driver's licence or passport).

Ask Me! Student Services Centre - Gate 12, NA Block (Dilworth building), Otara Road, Otara.
Monday to Friday: 7am to 8pm

If I am graduating with two qualifications, how do I apply for both?

Please contact the graduation team on to advise if you are expecting to receive multiple awards.

What if I can't collect my certificate from campus?

If you are unable to collect your certificate from campus you can nominate an authorised person to collect on your behalf. We require written permission so please email with the name of the authorised person. This person will need to bring their photo identification upon collection of the certificate.

Alternatively if you wish to have your certificate posted we recommend this be sent by courier.  Please note: a processing fee applies. Please email with your request.