Accommodation options

Have you sorted out your accommodation?

Searching for accommodation, especially in Auckland, can be hard if you don’t already live here. We are hoping that the following information and resources can help you to find something suitable for your needs.

How to choose

  • What type of accommodation do you want?
  • Do you want to live by yourself or with others?
  • Look for accommodation close to shops, your campus and public transport
  • The length you want to stay for (short term or long term)
  • Budget of how much you want to pay for rent/board

The most popular types of accommodation in Auckland are:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Homestays (living with a family)
  • Hotel/Motel

If you want to speak to someone about accommodation options, please contact 09 968 8668 or email

Long term accommodation

Long term accommodation is more cost-effective while living in Auckland.

Renting a house or a room

If you want to live on your own, or you want your partner/spouse and children with you, renting a private apartment or house would be the better choice.

Most rentals in Auckland can be expensive depending on the area you choose to live in. Expect to pay a bond usually 2-4 weeks of rent and approx. $280-$560 per week for rent. The bond is returned to you at the end of your stay, as long as the house and property are in a clean, tidy and undamaged condition.

You will need to also think about the extra cost (and time) to travel to your campus each day.

You may find these websites useful:

Flat sharing or becoming a flatmate

Sharing a flat or house with other people is a good option.

Before you go flatting, think about the kind of flat you want and what you can afford. Think about things like:

  • You could be paying $130-$300 per week
  • Paying for upfront costs, like rent in advance and the ‘bond’ (security deposit)
  • Transport costs and times to get to your classes
  • Insurance – like contents insurance
  • Costs for things like food, electricity, internet and other bills – how will you share them?
  • The type of flat you want to live in, and who you want to share it with.

Getting started

There are lots of websites that can give you information about how to choose a flat, what you need to consider, your legal rights and responsibilities, and how to budget. Some are listed below.

Advice and information about flatting knowing your rights as a tenant
Managing your budget if you are on student allowance or part-time job during studies
Needing financial assistance?

Try Studylink for an Accommodation Benefit or Accommodation Supplement. StudyLink should ask you about your needs during the application process for your tuition fees. They won’t pay all your rent or board but they will pay a percentage.

There is also the MSD emergency housing website.

Check out these websites for help to find or become a flatmate:

Short term accommodation

Short term accommodation can be helpful if you need accommodation for a block course for your apprenticeship or a short course or if you’re looking for somewhere for now until you settle yourself into a permanent home.

Below are some links to apartments within walking distance to our Manukau and TechPark campuses.

Homestay accommodation

Here at MIT, we work closely and exclusively with VCI Homestay. If you would like to stay in a family environment with caring, supportive hosts, consider VCI Homestay.

Homestay families provide you with good home-cooked meals, a private room with a study desk, access to Wi-Fi and they can help you to adapt to life in Auckland. In a homestay, you are treated as a member of the family, while the hosts respect your privacy.

Information and application process

There is an application process that you can find on the website or Vibha can send it to you. While students are in a homestay, Vibha monitors your experience and has both you and the family complete evaluation forms in week 3.

Your family will:

  • be sensitive to your needs and culture
  • provide a comfortable home environment
  • provide a separate bedroom and study area
  • provide clean bed linen and towel each week
  • provide reasonable heating of your bedroom
  • launder your clothes
  • provide nutritious breakfasts and dinners on every day of the week and reasonable lunches on weekends and public holidays, e.g. Easter, Waitangi Day. Note: lunches are not included Mon-Fri during any other holidays, such as MIT breaks or if you arrive early before your course starts
  • encourage you to meet other New Zealanders
  • help you to find ways to spend your leisure time
  • explain the house rules regarding the use of showers, telephone, laundry and electricity, smoking, staying out late, being on time for meals
  • respect your privacy
  • involve you in family conversations and activities.
Homestay rates

TRANSFER (if requested)

Transfer from arrival (domestic airport, train or bus station) to Homestay. The rate depends on the mode of transport and distance to the homestay


Unnotified missed flight or change of flight$110

HOMESTAY (arrangement)


Urgent arrangement for applications less than 2 weeks before the start date


Homestay (Manukau area)


Homestay (Central Auckland)


Lunches Monday to Friday - weekly fee in addition to the weekly fees above If requested


Weekly retainer fee


If you would like to consider Homestay, please contact our Homestay Manager:

Vibha Bangs
+64 9 625 5037 (office)
+64 21 365 075 (mobile)