Chaplaincy and religious support

Need someone to listen? We're here because we care.

Ngā Pou O Ngā Hāhi

Available to all students from any background.

You have some big questions on your mind from time to time and may want to talk through some important decisions options, or perhaps you are looking for some peace and stillness in the midst of life’s busy routine and challenges.

Maybe you’d like to connect with a faith community or someone with similar values. Whatever you need, our caring and compassionate team of Chaplains are here for you.

Our chaplains come from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and churches. They are trained in pastoral care and a range of other disciplines and have all been tertiary students.

You don’t have to be Christian to see one of our Chaplains, we welcome conversations with everyone, no matter what your faith.


  • MIT Ōtara, Dilworth Building, NA Block, Gate 12, Ōtara campus | Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • MIT Ōtara, NP Block Cafeteria | Wednesday and Fridays
  • MIT Manukau, Level 1, outside Lecture Theatre 110 | every first and third Thursday of the month 11am - 2.30pm | Tuesday 11 - 2pm | Wednesdays 11am - 2pm | Fridays 11am - 2:30pm
  • MIT Ōtara Pasifika Community Centre Chapel Prayer, NO101 | Thursdays 12.30pm - 1pm


Phone: (09) 968 8627 or (027) 266 4569 or  (021) 2333 554

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Christian to talk with a Chaplain?

No. We welcome conversations with everyone of any faith (or no particular faith, religion, spiritual understanding). People of faith do have a worldview that impacts upon (and is impacted by) your course of study. We can help you understand and process this.

What would I talk with a Chaplain about?

Anything. The Team of Chaplains come from a variety of backgrounds and interests. If you have any issues, concerns, questions, ideas  - we can help you process these. If you need emergency food, temporary accommodation, friends, space, coffee, a quiet place, prayer, meditation partner, connections to others with similar views/interests to yourself  – come chat with us.

Where do I find a Chaplain?

We mostly wander around the campus. We wear a badge to identify us. Check out our fliers on Noticeboards and electronic displays for times and contact details. Our base is within the Dilworth building at MIT Ōtara, there you can fill out a contact request form and slip it under the door if no one is in the office.