Electrifying heavy transport in Aotearoa breakfast seminar

We invite you to come along and hear from Rod Badcock, programme leader for the Electrifying Large-Scale Transport project.

Join us for breakfast and hear from Rod Badcock, programme leader for the Electric Transport project, about:

  • How the Electrifying Large-Scale Transport project will make a significant contribution to the emerging international effort to develop high power-to-weight electric machines for future transport applications, ranging from electric ships over trucks to large-scale hybrid electric aircraft.
  • We will explore new concepts for high-temperature superconducting machines and the required ancillary subsystems.
  • New concepts in power electronic design will be explored that target lightweight, high-power variable-speed drives, alongside developing new capabilities in the design and prototyping of high-performance cryocoolers and heat exchangers. Whole-of-system models will quantify the CO2 mitigation potential of our developed technologies.
  • We will support, mentor and create a new pool of industry-ready engineers and technicians familiar with these new technologies.
  • New courses and internships will expose students to electric propulsion and cryogenic technologies, embedding technical capability within NZ’s future workforce.

Together we can help build the next generation of future engineers.

What you need to know

When: Friday 29 September 2023

Time: 7.30am – 9am

Venue: MIT TechPark campus (main atrium), 58 Manukau Station Road, Manukau, Auckland.

Parking:  Free parking is available across the road from TechPark (park in the visitor car park, marked 'V'). View on map

A light breakfast will be provided.

Contact: Maureen Prasad maureen.prasad@manukau.ac.nz or 022 014 4163.


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