Ngā Pou O Ngā Hāhi

Need someone to listen?  
A little help to put things into perspective?  
Would you like to know that someone really does care?

A listening ear and a friendly shoulder is always close by, with our team of chaplains.

You might be wanting advice on important decisions, or looking for peace in the midst of life's busyness and challenges. Maybe you'd like to connect with a faith community on or off campus. Whatever your need, we're here for you.

Our chaplains come from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and churches. We are trained in pastoral care and a range of other disciplines, and have all been tertiary students. We have been commended by our faith communities, and adhere to the Code of Ethical Practice of the Aotearoa New Zealand Tertiary Chaplains Association (ANZTCA).

We sponsor events on campus, provide a voice to keep the 'spiritual' on the agenda of Manukau Institute of Technology, and support and encourage individuals.


Otara: Tuesday - Raj Narayanan
Wednesday - Lofi Talimalo
Thursday - Ricky Waters,
Fridays - James Shen in L114

Peter Woodham
Manukau: Tuesday - James Jang or Hermina Sami 
Thursday - Amiria & Frank Talo 

Ricky Waters
Ricky Waters

Location: L114, MIT Otara South Campus

Phone: 09 968 8000 ext 8882

Look for us around campus or in the office for resources. A caring heart, prayer, coffee, or simply someone to unload on, is always close by.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Christian to talk with a Chaplain?

No. We welcome conversations with everyone of any faith (or no particular faith, religion, spiritual understanding). People of faith do have a world view which impacts upon (and is impacted by) your course of study. We can help you understand and process this.

What would I talk with a Chaplain about?

Anything. The Team of Chaplains come from a variety of backgrounds and interests. If you have any issues, concerns, questions, ideas  - we can help you process these. If you need emergency food, temporary accommodation, friends, space, coffee, a quiet place, prayer, meditation partner, connections to others with similar views / interests to yourself  – come chat with us.

Where do I find a Chaplain?

We mostly wander around the campus. We wear a badge to identify us. Check out our fliers on Noticeboards and electronic displays for times and contact details. Our base is L114 on Otara South – there you can fill out a contact request form and slip it under the door if no-one is in the office. You can also contact us by email: or by phone at MIT extension: 8627, or mobile: 027 2664569.