Student Voice

MIT values the student voice – it is the most important voice in the entire organisation. Whether it is to do with the teaching and learning in the classroom, what’s happening at your Campus, or even during your lunch break, we value what you have to say and there are lots of ways to get involved.

2019 Student Elections are now open for nomination!

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A message from the Student Council Chair

Aayla Peebles

Aayla Peebles
Student Council Chair

You may know, we have this thing called the Student council (SC) and Student Executive Voice (SEV). It’s pretty much the team that communicates ‘what students actually say’ with some filtering of certain words. LMAO.

The institute tells us all the latest info about changes going on, and we then tell them what the students think. This plays a huge role in their decision-making.

What I’m asking you is to please register your voice!! We will begin to create spaces for open-chat for students where you can give your thoughts and opinions, or simply agree with others who may think the same as you. Trust me!! You WANT to be involved in whats going on!!

There are a few ways you can tie yourself into our conversations.

Please take one minute of your life right now make a few simple clicks, I’ve provided all the links. And I promise you won’t get spammed.