Useful links

  • Student ID cards

    If you are enrolled and have paid your fees or made an arrangement to pay your fees e.g. via student loan, you are entitled to a student ID card...

  • Bring your own device - BYOD

    How to access the BYOD computer environment? Using your own device on campus is simple - just follow these steps...

  • Academic Registry

    Student regulations & policies

    As a student at Manukau Institute of Technology you are required to read, understand and abide by the following regulations, policies and statutes.

  • MIT calendar and key dates

    This page lists important dates such as when semesters and terms start and finish, inductions and orientations, and school and public holidays.

  • Re-enrolment

    A warm welcome back to all our returning students. To get started...

  • Academic transcripts and awards

    If you require a copy of your academic transcript you will need to complete the Academic Transcript Request form...

  • Canvas

    Log into MIT's Learning Management System to see your course work, information and resources.

  • Student email

    Log into your Manukau email.