Student financial assistance

Scholarships and grants

Our Information and Application Centre produces a booklet on the various grants and scholarships offered by community organisations, government departments and businesses.

The Rūnanga Scholarship

What are the criteria?

Applicants must:

  1. be of New Zealand Māori descent
  2. be enrolled full-time in a diploma or degree programme at MIT
  3. provide a confirmation of the programme that has been applied for
  4. be entering in their final or second to last year of study
  5. be in their 2nd , 3rd of final year of study if enrolled in a degree programme
How much is a Scholarship worth?

Each scholarship is designed to cover a full year of tuition fees for an under graduate degree or diploma, up to the value of $5,000.

When do students need to apply?

Applications close at Closing date Friday 31 March 2017, 5pm.

Decisions on applications will be notified in April.

How do students apply?

Complete the attached application form.

Refer to the Check List of the application form for the relevant supporting documents that are required in order to complete the application form.

Student loans and allowances

Student loans

If you're a full time student, or a full year part time student, you can apply for a loan to help pay for tuition fees and associated costs. Part time part year students may be eligible to tuition fees only.

To find out if you're eligible to apply or for more information, please contact Studylink on 0800 88 99 00 (freephone) or visit the Studylink website.

Student allowances

If you're studying full time, you can apply for a student allowance to help meet your living costs. You can find out whether you're eligible for this by contacting Studylink on 0800 88 99 00 (freephone) or visit the Studylink website.

Emergency financial support

At Manukau Institute of Technology we offer hardship and financial assistance grants to students facing severe financial difficulty.  If you have financial barriers that that are directly related to, and adversely affect, your ability to pursue your current course of study, please get in touch with Student Support.

Please note that all other avenues of funding must be exhausted before applying for assistance and specific criteria have to be met.

We recognise that financial problems can be stressful and may affect your health and wellbeing. If this is the case, please contact our counsellors who will be only too happy to provide you with support and advice.

To contact our Health and Counselling Centre visit their page