Mary Moeke

Kaiārahi Lecturer

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Mary Moeke

Mary Moeke


Kaiārahi Lecturer

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Early childhood education


Mary has been a lecturer at Manukau Institute of Technology – Te Whare Takiura o Manukau since 2011. She has been teaching for more than 30 years in all areas of education from kohanga reo and early childhood, primary, intermediate, high school, private training education and tertiary institutes.

Mary has taught in a range of disciplines and at different levels including certificates, diplomas and degrees, with a view to teach at a masters and doctorate level.

Mary believes the best way to teach adult learners is through love, care, empathy and understanding. She feels that all tasks need to be genuine and authentic so students can engage and relate to the learning content through their personal experiences and the environments in which they come from. She is also passionate about knowledge that is constructed from engaging with others, the environment and field-based application.

Mary’s research portfolio shows a strong commitment to mātauranga Māori. She uses the concept of ako in her teaching and learning alongside continuous improvement of practice through research and practical, hands-on application.

Why I love MIT

He aha ai e arohanunui au ki Te Whare Takiura o Manukau? The first thing that comes to my mind is tāpiripiri (togetherness). MIT is cultured, dynamic, innovative, thought-provoking and inclusive.

Other concepts that come to mind are progressive, authentic, influential, proven and real.

As a catalyst for change, I believe MIT is certainly right up there with oxygen and the need to breathe in order to survive the realities of life in line with individual experiences. More importantly, MIT honours its partnership in providing all students a life-changing experience upon entry through to exit.